4 Takeaways from the 2019 Annual Meeting of North Carolina Baptists

By Pastor Nathaniel

I returned last night from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s Annual Meeting titled “God’s Great Work.”

I’m a relative newcomer to these kinds of gatherings, but I thought I’d share a handful of observations — and reasons you can be proud of the work our fellow North Carolina Baptists do.



Monday night was highlighted by a church-planting celebration. The event was a foretaste of heaven — with more than 100 church planters of multiple skin colors, ethnic backgrounds, languages and stations in life walking across the stage. God is clearly doing a great work amongst all kids of people groups in North Carolina.


Baptists have a reputation of being, shall we say… cantankerous. I saw none of that at this year’s annual meeting. There was no public discussion or debate about the budget or any other measures. None.

My fellow microphone operators and I had little to do — and praise God for it!

One long-time pastor told me how unique this unity was compared to previous annual meetings. Praise God for the unity he has brought to our churches. Which brings me to my next observation:


I was reminded why we as Baptists work together, why we have the Cooperative Program, why we come to meetings like this: The mission.

Do we have some differences? Sure. We have different methodologies, cultures, theological emphases, and preferences. But our common purpose, the mission of God, unites us. We are better together than we are apart.

To this point, Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd’s address at the end of the annual meeting powerfully emphasized our urgent need to recapture the priority of evangelism. “People need Jesus, and they need him now,” he urged us.



One final note: The NC Baptist staff is incredible, humble, and hard working. I was able to glimpse some of their work behind the scenes, and they do an amazing job. Again, we have reason to be proud of those who represent us at the state level.

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