ReConnect: ‘Genesis as Mission’ with Dr. Ken Keathley

* Listen to the talk above. 

What was Moses doing when he wrote the creation account in Genesis 1? Dr. Ken Keathley answers this question and more in a fascinating talk at ReConnect at Cedar Rock First Baptist Church on Nov. 3, 2019. Instead of a mythical story about war and bloodshed, Genesis 1 describes the gracious Creator God making a covenant of love.

To learn more about this topic, you can check out Dr. Keathley’s book, 40 Questions about Creation and Evolution (Kregel Academic, 2014). Here’s a brief outline of his talk:

  • What was Moses “doing” in Genesis 1?
    • Genesis as Abstract Theology
    • Genesis as Appropriation
    • Genesis as Accommodation
    • Genesis as Polemic
    • Genesis as Contextualization
      • You allow that culture to ask the questions.
      • You use their grammar.
      • But your answer subverts their worldview.
        • Genesis tells us about the origin of the world.
          Other texts tell about the origins of the gods. (v 1)
        • In the other texts, the ocean creates the gods.
          In Genesis, God is distinct from creation. (v. 2)
        • In the other texts it’s all about warfare.
          In Genesis, God has no opposition. (vs 3-13)
        • Genesis “de-deifies” nature
          (vs 14-25)
        • In the other texts, we are slaves.
          In Genesis, we are His representatives. (vs 26-31)
  • Genesis was a smashing success.

About Dr. Ken Keathley

Ken Keathley is Senior Professor of Theology and the Jesse Hendley Chair of Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina where he has been teaching since 2006.

He also directs the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture. He is the co-author of 40 Questions About Creation and Evolution (Kregel, November 2014). Ken and his wife Penny have been married since 1980, live in Wake Forest, NC and are members of North Wake Church. They have a son and daughter, both married, and four grandchildren.

About Reconnect


Reconnect is an annual mini-conference hosted by Cedar Rock First Baptist Church. You’ll be equipped to bring your faith to bear on today’s important, complex topics — so that you can honor God with every inch of your life.

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