Sermon: Lazarus Saturday + Palm Sunday (John 12:1-19)

* Listen to the message above. 

“This is what kind of friend Jesus is. He stoops down to your level, picks you up, totes you on his back, and carries you home.”

What kind of friend are we to Jesus? Are we like Mary, who wanted to be close to Jesus because she loved him, or are we like Judas, who was close to Jesus because of how it benefited him? As sinners, we are all prone to resemble Judas in John 12, greedy with our time and resources.

Thankfully, Jesus proved what kind of friend he is to us on Palm Sunday, when he entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The King of Israel humbled himself, came down to our level, and laid down his life to save us. There is no greater friend than Jesus.

Delivered by Pastor Nathaniel on March 1, 2020 at Cedar Rock First Baptist Church.

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