A New Challenge. A New Opportunity. | A COVID-19 Update

Update: Learn more about Cedar Rock’s Return Plan.

The pastor and deacons of Cedar Rock FBC have continued to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and seek wisdom on appropriate measures to take. Given the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, we have unanimously recommended to suspend all public gatherings until further notice.

This decision is difficult because we love gathering together as a church family. But just because we will not gather on Sundays does not mean that we cease to be the church. On the contrary. In the coming weeks, we will have an opportunity to be the church to one-another in an unprecedented way.

You will have opportunities to learn, grow, and serve. Here’s a preview:

  • Sunday Morning Worship
    At 11am on Sundays, we will notify you of a new video message from Pastor Nathaniel continuing the series on the “Final Days of Jesus.” You can watch and worship with your family!
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study
    At 6:30pm on Wednesdays, we will notify you of a new video Bible study from our intern, Cody Beasley.
  • Wednesday Night “Bedtime Bible Stories”
    At 7pm, we will go on Facebook Live for a Bible story for the kids.

(Each of these videos will be posted to this website. To be notified of these videos, please follow our Facebook page or contact Pastor Nathaniel about joining our OneCallNow Prayer Chain.)

In addition, we are developing teams of servants who will be in touch with you each week and help you with any needs you have — whether that be changing a lightbulb or picking up groceries.

These are trying times. But trying times force us to become more creative in our ministry and more reliant on God.

Let’s love one another. Let’s grow in our love for Jesus. And let’s show a hopeless world what it looks like to be a hope-filled people.


Pastor Nathaniel
and the deacons of Cedar Rock FBC

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