Announcing: Cedar Rock Care Plan

Integral to the DNA of Cedar Rock FBC is a genuine love and concern for one another. We want to continue to strengthen this love and unity — even in the midst of something as severe and isolating as Coronavirus. As a result, the Cedar Rock leadership proposes the implementation of the Cedar Rock Care Plan.

Care Plan - Infographic

In this plan, Cedar Rock Care Teams and Field Teams will help people stay connected and serve as a means by which we can discern and meet  needs amongst our church members.

Care Plan — Care

The Care Team connects with an assigned list of church members and attendees each week — helping people be loved and cared for in a trying time. The Care Team currently includes a combination of active deacons, Sunday School teachers, and other leaders. Here’s what they do:

  1. Contacts each person on their list (preferably by phone) every week to check in on them, ask for prayer requests, and ask how we can serve them.
  2. Immediately informs the Pastor of any tangible needs.
  3. Reports to Pastor Nathaniel every Friday that they have called their contacts for the week.

Most people won’t have urgent needs. But these calls are still critically important — as they help every person stay connected and feel valued in a time when it would be easy to fall between the cracks.

Care Plan — Field

The Field Team is available to meet any tangible needs, whether that be picking up groceries, changing a lightbulb, or otherwise being the hands and feet of Jesus. The Field Team currently includes a combination of active deacons and others who have already volunteered. Here’s what they do:

  1. Meet the practical needs of our congregation whenever they arise.
  2. Communicate with the Pastor when the needs have been met.

There may be seasons when the field team is very busy, and other seasons when they’re not. But their availability to be on-call is a service to our church and community.

Care Plan — Steps

The Care Plan goes into effect immediately, and names of active members and attendees have already been distributed amongst our Care Team.

As always, we’re learning and growing. There is no Coronavirus ministry playbook! But please pray for this plan — that God would bless it to foster love amongst his church and glory to his name!

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